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Body, Bucks & Balance

Do who feel overwhelmed and your self-care lacking?

Are you lost in the busyness of life?

Do you daydream about having a simpler life?

Do you lack the energy and motivation to change it?

Are you craving simplicity and balance?

Would you like to be more disciplined, organized and adopt healthy life habits?



If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions. I understand how you feel, I felt the same way.

I Help Busy Moms & Wives Get That Flat Tummy She's After, Make More Money, & Build Enriching Relationships!



Like you, I was extremely unhappy and challenged trying to function at this pace. But where to start? I already had too much on my plate! I was doing it all. I was accomplished but deep in my soul felt dissatisfied with how my days played out. They felt as if they never ending, even when I slept, my thoughts were working and my mind racing.  Crazy thing is, the one factor that never got inserted into my hecticness was ME! It was difficult to turn off and relax. I always felt “on,” at home, at work, in ministry and within myself. 

I knew something had to give. It was costing me sleep and energy. I functioned from an exhausted state. My relationships were tense, my temper with the kids was short and I was TIRED (physically and mentally). Burnt out! Done! I wanted to quit life and start over. My creativity felt cloudy and my drive, what drive? My peace and joy for life were depleting, affecting everything around me. Most of all, I was losing myself and what I needed.


My NEW life was waiting on me; that girl that got swallowed up in her roles and responsibilities. The Me that was desperate to live from a healthy space every day; and not have to wait for the weekend to divvy me one funky Friday to try and reclaim myself!  I KNEW this was not how life was supposed to roll!  So I changed it! What I found was that systemizing my life and clear on what I needed. Now I have more profitable opportunities than I can accept, continuously become the best version of myself, draw enriching relationships to me and live in a guaranteed flow… family, ministry, career and whatever else I choose! And I want that for you!


I have always enjoyed being active so physical fitness naturally intrigued me. But after trying to sift through all the conflicting nutrition information, gimmicks and fitness personalities, I got overwhelmed. One minute milk is good for you, the next, it’s giving you cancer or so “they” say! Everyone had something to say about what I should be doing but not HOW! I craved a simple holistic system tailored specifically to me. One that permitted me to be healthy and worked with my eventful lifestyle.  This motivated me to figure it out. And I did! After gaining 60 lbs with my first child, I lost the weight, built a 6-pack and have assisted others in doing the same.


With my health and fitness on point, I became extremely productive, doubled my income, attracted new opportunities, gained valuable relationships and served at my highest level! I am passionate about helping those who invest so much, serving others, take care of themselves physically. 


This is why I created the “Go Get Her" VIP Program. This 1:1 intensive, holistic program is designed to help you SHOW UP & thrive spiritually, physically, & relationally. 


Go Get HER! YOU!

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