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12 - WEEK

You don’t have to feel like you are “losing yourself” and your body is falling apart. Let’s go get “HER!”


The "Go Get Her" 12-week Group Coaching Intensive is a virtual fitness program integrating Jesus and Christian principles. We incorporate therapeutic tactics into our health and fitness strategies to provide a holistic approach to your well-being. 

Ready to lose 20-25lbs 😁

Get snatched by summer, even if you are over 40☀️.

Tone the tummy.

Learn how to eat to get results, especially if you’re super busy.

Undo what perimenopause or menopause is trying to do, and what Covid did! 👊🏽 

You will get to the root causes of your behaviors and relationship with food, exercise, and motivations.

What you desire to change is always about something deeper. 

Get true support and partnership to stay consistent and MOTIVATED💃🏽.

Sign ups end when the session is at capacity. Schedule your complimentary consultation here for more details

***All former clients needing a refresh and reboot receive a discounted rate***

The GGH INTENSIVE includes: 


isn't just about shedding pounds; it's a lifestyle revolution because you deserve to look good and feel confident at any age!


Assessment and Engagement:

  • Assessment and kickoff on date scheduled by Consultant

  • Weekly Check-ins, Mentoring and Accountability

  • Weekly Ongoing communication

Dietary Strategies and Nutrition:

  • Dietary strategies

  • “Eat This Not That” Cheat Sheet

  • Go Get Her "Get Snatched" Assignments

  • 30 weekly Customized meal plan

Group Coaching and Fitness Sessions:

  • Guided mentoring, support, and accountability 

  • Bi-Weekly group mindset coaching sessions

  • Powerful Virtual & Live “Go Get Her full-body workout sessions via Zoom 

  • Motivational coaching and instructional videos/text/posts

  • Gifted with gym passes for scheduled in-person group coaching sessions

Community Engagement and Challenges:

  • Online FB "Go Get Her" Community

  • Group challenges

  • Excursions and Meet-ups

Pre-Recorded Fitness Training and Resources:

  • 7 days of pre-recorded fitness training for on-demand sessions 

  • Easy and practical Instructional videos

Holistic Wellness:

  • Life application tools and techniques for healthy eating, meal prep and living

  • Skills and expertise to maximize your health goals

  • Personal weekly weight loss targets to achieve

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